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Federation Europeenne des Victimes de la Route

European Federation of Road Traffic Victims

DECISIONS of GM Beirut 2.10.11

1)    Membership fee                200€               agreed

2)    RV Revival  ( project about after care of brain injured road traffic victims to be submitted to the EU Commission for a grant) find also interested associations in your country               agreed

3)Rescue Code 112 - Grants - Calls for proposals in the field of Transport  try it

( deadline 15.10.11 )

FEVR should be involved in the evaluation of this project

3)      Global Alliance of NGO’s for Road Safety (without victims ) Manuel and Ziad will do the follow up( Manuel will prepare a document and Ziad will apply on behalf of YASA to the UNRSC )

4)    WDOR: From Global  remembrance to global action through the decade (subslogan) several proposals were brainstormed, Brigitte will sort out

5)    RP/FEVR: survey “ right to information” adopted, Brigitte does follow up

6)    New members: Victimes et citoyens and Zena Hauch Foundation  agreed

7)    Next GM hosted by AVR Luxemburg ( founded 1992 )in September 2012

( scheduled 1st WE after mid September )

8)    WDOR 2012: Iceberg competition ( Antoinette from Esperanza will do a follow up, document with explanations will follow )

about iceberg ceremony 21.11.2010 in Luxemburg http://www.avr.lu/web/resources/E_wdor2_940.pdf

Relative documents will be on FEVR dropbox ( or sent on request ) 9.10.11 JME

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The Federation has consultative status ( roster ) with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations